Cimagine International Group LLC

Headquartered in New York City, Cimagine International Group LLC (CIMG) is an international group with high-quality media coverage, event organizing and operating model. Our services include public relations, event planning & management, branding & marketing and product advertising. CIMG is always committed to building platforms to promote cooperation and exchanges in tourism, business, culture, sports, and education between China and countries & regions including the United States, South America, Central America and Europe. We always walk an extra mile to improve images of both enterprises and governments. Led by a professional and industry-leading marketing team, CIMG provides clients with client-tailored, strategic, innovative and efficient multi-media services. The team consists of members that are long engaged in Sino-American exchanges and professionals from mainstream media in China and America, each of them has a deep understanding of industry trends and clients’ business. CIMG has also established strategic partnerships with a variety of global institutions across industries over the years, enabling us with accesses to latest business trends.

Photo provided by TSQ Countdown

Since 2011, CIMG has been the host for Chinese cultural opening ceremony of the biggest New Year's Eve Countdown Event at Times Square---the landmark of New York. The opening ceremony assists to build a positive impression of Chinese culture in the world and thus helps The China National Tourism Administration, Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau, Yunnan Province, Shandong Province, the City of Chongqing, Henan Province and other organizations in China to popularize their business and tourism image. It not only seized the attention of over millions of audience at the scene, but also hundreds of millions of audience in front the television. With global news media coverage, the event received billions of multi media exposure. On top of that, CIMG has also successfully co-organized with NBA and MLB in hosting “An Evening of Chinese Culture” for 11 consecutive years, attracting over one million on-site audience members and one billion television viewers from all around the world over the years. The event reached a coverage rate of one billion due to an extensive coverage from global media.

Furthermore, since 2014, CIMG has collaborated with WABC on the production of TV series of Discover China including “Discover Beijing: A Modern City with an Imperial Past”, “Discover Beijing II: Walk in the Footsteps of Emperors”, “Discover Chongqing: China's City of Opportunity”, and “The Changing Face of China: The Empowered Woman”.

CIMG will continue to make the best of our resources available and consistently develop new business strategies, in an effort to provide our clients with quality service and help them achieve business goals and sustainable economic growth.