2019 Los Angeles-Chengdu Culture and Innovation Exchange Series Events Successfully Held

The “2019 Los Angeles-Chengdu Culture and Innovation Exchange Series Events" featuring "Los Angeles and Chengdu, a Park City, Home of Giant Panda," was successfully held on November 6, 2019 in the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles.

The series of events included "Chengdu - Los Angeles Culture, History and Tourism Photo Exhibition", the "2019 Los Angeles - Chengdu Culture and Innovation Symposium" and "Park City, Home of Giant Panda - 2019 Los Angeles - Chengdu Culture Gala Banquet."

Hosted by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs office, Sino-American Friendship Association, supported by the Los Angeles mayor's office and jointly executed by Cimagine International Group LLC (CIMG), participants included government officials, scholars and business leaders from both the US and China who shared groundbreaking achievements and best practices identifying innovative approaches for Los Angeles and Chengdu.

At the events, Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles Miguel Sangalang, Deputy Consul General Shi Yuanqiang and Cultural Consul Wang Jin from the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Los Angeles delivered the remarks.

The Chengdu Intangible Cultural Heritage Kungfu Tea Art, Paper Cutting, and Sugar Painting were featured at the event demonstrating Chengdu's rich history and culture tradition.

The program allowed both Los Angeles and Chengdu to expend both in scope and scale towards a higher level of collaboration across industries, especially in culture and tourism development and cooperation between the two cities. Taking innovation as a bridge, the events enhanced friendship, expanded pathways of communication and strengthened the understanding of the citizens of both Chengdu and Los Angeles.

More than 200 Chinese and international mainstream media including Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, China Daily China Press, Sino Vision Net, US China Press, PR Newswire, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox News have reported or republished the event.

Guests enjoying Chengdu Culture and Tourism Photo Exhibition

Chief Director of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Duoyang Namu presenting the Panda Paper Cutting Artwork to Deputy Mayor Sangalang and taking a picture with the panda doll

Deputy Mayor Sangalang, Chief Director Duoyang Namu, Chief Innovation Officer from Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti Amanda Daflos and President of CIMG Li Li enjoying Chengdu Intangible Culture Heritage "Sugar Painting" demonstration

Deputy Mayor Sangalang and Chief Innovation Officer Daflos meeting with the Chengdu Delegation led by Chief Director Duoyang Namu. Cultural Consul Wang Jin, the President of Sino-American Friendship Association Peter Zhang and President Li Li also attending the meeting


At the symposium, Deputy Mayor Sangalang and Cultural Consul Wang Jin delivered the remarks. Chief Director Duoyang Namu, showcased how Chengdu provides visitors with more tailor-made tourism products, more in-depth travel experiences and more convenient tourist services innovatively. Deputy Mayor Sangalang, together with Chief Innovation Officer also shared how innovative approaches to Los Angeles in business, culture and tourism development.

Deputy Mayor Sangalang delivering remark

Cultural Consul Wang Jin delivering remark

Chief Director Duoyang Namu showcasing the innovative development of cultural tourism in Chengdu

Deputy Mayor Sangalang introducing the Los Angeles’ innovation team and the innovative technology development

Chief Innovation Officer Daflos sharing how Los Angeles attracting tourists from all over the world through innovation in entertainment and culture

Group photo (from left)Commissioner of City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission Diane Kanner, President Peter Zhang, Deputy Mayor Sangalang, Chief Innovation Officer Daflos, Chief Director Duoyang Namu, Cultural Consul Wang Jin, Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office Inspector Zhong Laizhao and President Li Li


At gala banquet, delicious food, amazing scenery and intangible cultural heritages, which were innovatively integrated with technology and cultural tourism, showed the unparalleled charm of Chengdu. Paper cutting, sugar painting, Sichuan opera face-changing and Kungfu tea performances were deeply amazed by the guests.

Deputy Mayor Sangalang, Cultural Consul Wang Jin, Chief Director Duoyang Namu and the Deputy Consul General Shi Yuanqiang of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Los Angeles taking a picture with synthesized Chengdu characteristic background

Guests enjoying Chengdu - Los Angeles Culture and Tourism Photo Exhibition

Guests taking a picture with Chengdu pandas

Chengdu Intangible Cultural Heritage - paper cutting demonstration

Chengdu Intangible Cultural Heritage - sugar painting demonstration

Deputy Consul General Shi Yuanqiang delivering the remark

President Li Li reading out the greetings and well wishes from US Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Judy Chu for a successful event

On behalf of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Deputy Mayor Sangalang and Chief Innovation Officer Daflos presenting the Certificate of Recognition to Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism and Sino-American Friendship Association

Gongfu tea Performance

Sichuan opera face-changing performance

Los Angeles local jazz band performance