“The success of CWDF and its global alliances”


The Discover China program produced by WABC and Cimagine Media Group LLC, returned to ABC7 on December 5, 2015 at 7 p.m. . This time "The Changing Face of China: The Empowered Woman", the seventh episode in this series took you on a journey of Chinese women overcoming the constraints of a male dominated society and emerging as modern day leaders. This was the first time a mainstream media in the U.S. presents the advancement of Chinese women in a 30-minute long-format special program.

Besides Chinese government's support, many organizations, China Woman's Development Fund (CWDF) as one of their most prominent examples, contributed to the great progress in women's causes in China. Since its establishment in 1988, CWDF is dedicated to lifting women out of poverty and improving the overall quality of women's life and their social status.

CWDF partnered with leading international companies like Mary Kay, Pepsi, Volkswagen, Wal-Mart and many more in initiatives aimed at opening up education and health care access to rural Chinese women and cultivating their entrepreneurship. Projects like Water Cellar for Mothers helps alleviate poverty caused by shortage and poor quality of water in rural China. Health Express for Mothers, is a mobile health clinic providing health care, training and reference materials. Revolving Fund for Mother’s New Ventures, through financing small businesses led by women, has influenced the lives of 70,000 women in 23 different provinces.

CWDF also has long-standing partnership with the United Nations Development Program(UNDP). Patrick Haverman- Deputy Country Director, UNDP in China- discusses how its programs assisted with gender equality in China. Recently the "@ her" project initiated by the two organizations aims at mobilizing new thinking and new technology for female entrepreneurship.

The Secretary General of CWDF Qin, Guoying showcased the great strides made by Chinese women in the past 30 years at the "2015 Empowering Women and Sustainability Development Summit" in September 2015 at the UN sponsored by the Sino-American Friendship Association. Their success encouraged leaders of global women communities to make more progress.

In addition, representatives of extraordinary modern Chinese women will talk about how they have it all - beauty, brain, business and their plan for the future. Deng Xiaoyu, Chairman of Dale Lotus Biotech Limited and Vice President of Hikewell Gene Institute, tells her story from a successful lawyer to a leader in health care service. She has dedicated herself to helping children with genetic disease and is donating a large percentage of the revenue of her business to support Chinese public welfare causes.

Chinese women are holding up half of the sky. This is their stories!

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